Tarrytown 10-11-08

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I sure know how to pick 'em.You can't go to every show so it pays to be creative about which Rundgren shows you go to. Saturday night on Mian St. in Tarrytiwn, N.Y. was really special. This show had an incredible mix.The actual players(verses the house mix) had the best sound I've heard scince the Neraly Human Tour. Moreover, the house system was great and the Todd sound man had it tweaked just right as well. Thats three entities that combined with the bands demeanor and audiance ultimatly determine what your gonna get. A lot of variables, wright? All of the stars aligned for this show!

Upon arriving, I negotiated a killer parking spot behind the theater and while exiting my car I noticed Jesse Gress out back for a smoke. I asked Jesse to sign my Ibanez S- 100 series electric guitar which is co- signed by the like s of Todd Rundgren, Rick Derringer & Edgar Winter.I wanted Kasim Sulton sign it as well but I failed , maybe next time!.. and by the waysome one told me Meat Loaf is in the hospital ( don,t how true that is) but ,that frees up Kasim , I guess thats just show - Biz.I hope Kasim plays in NY in Dec. I met 3 guys in a bar down the block and we bragged about run- ins with Todd and tryed to out do one another with show-a-log history... When Todd played Woodstock'94 Saturday at midnight he showed up at the Todd-PODD and 10 of us remained from the 10 pm show crowd , everyone else left due to rain and TR said when he got there he fell asleep((he was staying at the lodging facillity1500 yards away by foot) and said he would play one request for each one of us and in retrospect I wish I would have asked for "Hope Im Around" instead of "Whats Goin On". Noting can top that story, that's my ace in the hole, not that its a competion.

I sat in the front row directly in front of Kasim (if Willie Wilcox wont do Utopia they should use Prarie Prince)(I really miss Rodger Powell) Even though Kasim Sulton ,in my opinion, is the best bass player in the industry( scince John Entwistle died)it is almost as if it did not matter that he was not playing bass because he lives in Todds music.the vocals,keys&awesome 6 string work displays his limitless talent.Think about it you had 3 band directors up there Jesse, Kasim & of course Todd.. I could go on for hours on how much was going on that stage meanwhile appearing to be effortless. Kasim strikes as an individual who enjoys peak experiences in self- actualization.I think this show was fantastic.The rock star in Todd truly flourishes. Todd Rundgren is my Elvis. The way people adore Bono, Bruce, Prince, Maddonna, Cher and any other one Name wonder ... well thats TODD for me,an entertainer and Musician.

This group is amazing. The confidence and presence is boldly apparent. There are no apologies for the faint of heart in this ARENA. If your looking for the "Hellow its me" tugging on your heart strings balladeer it is neatly tucked away in the familiar themes and melody patterns which gives Todd his unique style but no comprimise for demanding fans who know Todds work to a lesser degree. The crowd last night was cheering at the top of thier lungs and were NOT calling out song names in discontent or ignorance to the big picture so to speak. These were cult following fans, hardcore fans.As far as the band goes, these guys came to kick out some balls to the wall , organized, passionate but cool music, like James Dean cool or better yet Paul Newman cool. There's an understanding there. Congrats Todd, again!!!

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10/11/2008 - Music Hall - Tarrytown, NY

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