10/11 @ Tarrytown

Review by Dave (Switch to

What a great show! The band was more polished, more in sync than in Woodstock. I wished Kasim was more front and center, and SO hoped for a Trapped in the encore. OH WELL. He was such a part of my Todd/Utopia upbringing. I longed for the DUO!!!!! I guess he was just trying to get on board after MEAT. Sad to say that Todd, for a second show chose politics and music. As with Woodstock he chose to diss a particular party, postured for the other. I came for the music, and was turned off by the politics. It was a shame because the music ROCKED.

As for a review of the album? Liars was GREAT. Arena? SUPERB, sublime, OVERDUE. still a #1 Todd fan, regardless of politics.

Math: POLITICS = POLI + TICS = POLI (Math term for MANY) + TICS (Blood sucking parasites) - POLITICS = Many blood sucking parasites?

Stay Well, Stay Safe,


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10/11/2008 - Music Hall - Tarrytown, NY

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