Pittsburgh 10/10/08 Review

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Another stellar mid-west show from Todd & gang. Relatively small, quiet crowd that got progressively more enthusiastic throughout the night. The silence between songs during the first portion of the show was deafening. Once Todd launched into Arena though, the crowd's mood changed for the better. The room was kind of dank and the stage very small but I think these worked to the band's advantage.

The band was in top form as usual. Rachel has come a long, long way since the first time I saw the show in June. She was more in the forefront with lots of smiles and some fun bumping and grinding with Todd. She showed me what an important presence she is to this band. Kas was great but maybe a little too understated. I expected more prominent backing vocals but he was a little buried in the mix. That didn't stop him from rocking out though. Kas really played the part of rock & roll guitarist well. With gum in mouth the whole night and a rock star stance, he showed me how multi-talented he is. Prairie and Jesse were great as usual.

Todd was maybe a little more reserved with his banter than I expected just a few weeks before a major election. Still, he got a few good Sarah Palin jabs in. I figured he'd dedicate Lunatic Fringe to a politician of some sort and sure enough, it was Sarah Palin. I think there was a McCain jab or too as well but the political commentary was much lighter than expected.

The band rifled through the same song list which has yet to get old. Started at 8:15 and ended close to 10:15. That was a big help to us Clevelanders who had a couple hour drive home. All in all, a great show without any glaring issues or problem. How about a Cleveland New Year's Eve show Todd?????

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10/10/2008 - The Rex - Pittsburgh, PA

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