Todd & Company at The Rex, 10/10/08, Pittsburgh, PA

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Todd and the band were on fire in Pittsburgh. The show rocked from the opening notes of "Love in Action" all the way through "JOV". Todd and the band appeared to be in great spirits and the chemistry on stage was palpable. These guys just seem to keep getting tighter and tighter! After burning "Arena" into my head with non-stop play for the 10 days prior to the show, there was not a missed note by the band - everyone was on cue and sounded awesome. Hard to believe how well everyone sounded. And from where I was sitting the vocals were mixed very well - great to hear Kasim and Rachel singing together!

If you're reading this, by now, you know the set list. From my perspective, the band does a great job on the two cover songs and they fit in nicely with the set. Banter of note included Todd dedicating "Lunatic Fringe" to sarah palin. Also, the money-back guarantee prior to "Courage" included a quip about "the only people who would rip me off on the guarantee probably left after the sarah palin joke"

Despite reports to the contrary, I thought the venue was good - the acoustics sounded great from the front row, the bar service was good - what else do we need? Only complaint was that there were chairs set-up on the floor. This show is not a sit-down show! And despite some repeated attempts from those of us up front, the crowd did not get on it's collective feet until the encore!

And, finally, how could a show review be complete without mentioning the great time seeing old friends and meeting new friends? I'm originally from Cleveland, OH and there are a number of us who have been "Todd friends" for 20+ years. So the night included seeing a number of the Cleveland folks, a number of other Ohio friends, some friends from Michigan and a surprise visit from a fellow Toddstocker! The camaraderie enjoyed by the fans is very special and tonight was no exception.

Thanks, Todd - for the show tonight and for the spirit that never ceases to inspire.

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10/10/2008 - The Rex - Pittsburgh, PA

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