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It was my birthday, my wife flew us to Pittsburgh and had tickets to see Todd for the second time on this tour, the weather was great and the Rex Theater was an intimate setting. I knew what to expect and I couldn't wait. Todd did not dissapoint. Since the July show in Dallas the band has really come together. The background vocals and sound were much improved and were great. Although I usually like anything Todd does from a creative standpoint it had almost become easy to forget his guitar prowess. Todd is reminding everyone who will listen that he plays the guitar and does it wery well. As a 53 year old grandfather I still feel like a kid at a concert. Looking around me in Pittsburgh reminded me of the demographic Todd is playing to. There was a gray haired lady who looked much more grandmotherly than my wife sitting right in front of me. As the show began I could see that she knew the words to Todd's songs and could not stop rocking out the whole show. The sound in The Rex was great. During Black Mariah I mentioned that Todds guitar wasn't cranked up enough. That was fixed very quickly and was probably intentional in order to create drama and effect as Todd played his new Arena songs. The sound got cranked and never let up. Jesse was much more evident on stage compared to Dallas. Rachel was really great and her background vocals which were almost absent in Dallas were clear and harmonious and added greatly to the show. Prairie was great. Kasim played some key guitar licks and on some songs he carried the background vocals. It appears he is very glad to be on stage with Todd and the band.

This was one of the best birthday presents I've ever had and we are shopping for some tickets to Europe in hopes of catching up with the band there.

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10/10/2008 - The Rex - Pittsburgh, PA

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