Pittsburgh Pa 10/10/08

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Well, it's official the "Arena" tour is now ready for the arena venues. The "Arena" part of this show is as polished and tight as anything I have ever seen Todd do, the couple of covers and oldies were good too but the back to back "Arena" material could not be better! The vocals this time around were completely spot on sounding as much like the record as possible, part of this has to be attributed to fact that Kasim is back in the mix though besides Kas adding texture to the vocals unfortunately he is not able to contribute a whole lot more besides some keyboard and guitar fills. This had to be a hard call for Todd as Rachel is such a good fit for this show and we would all hate to not have her there, but with Kasim free at the moment how could Todd not put him back in the lineup somehow, so this seems to be the best answer. The crowd in Pittsburgh was ready to go from the first note and by the 3rd-4th song "Black Maria" I think it was, Todd said to the audience as they finished the song, "slow down don't peak on me already, I can pull out!" Hahaha! And how coincidental was it that Sarah Palin was right there in Downtown Pitts making an appearance this night, not sure if Todd was aware she was in town but he had a few comments about her along the way, none of them favorable, no surprise there I'd say! And of course for me the very best part of going to a Todd Rundgren show is meeting up with the other fans, the group I attended the show with has grown so large we filled a row, then the other fans I got to talk to at the bar, in the crowd, fans from all over the area, every surrounding state and beyond, what a treat it is to meet all of you, THIS is the icing on the cake for me at these shows!! Get out and see this tour, who know's how long it will last and what will be next on Todd's plate and I would hate for any of you to not see this tour.

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10/10/2008 - The Rex - Pittsburgh, PA

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