Morristown NJ 10-09-08

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As a long, long time Todd fan (been faithfully following him since the 70's when I lived on Long Island), it takes a lot for me to say this: Last night's show was truly AWESOME! Todd was at his best. His voice was incredible and his guitar playing rivaled that of the Todd I knew 30 years ago. It was great seeing Kasim again and hearing his harmonies. And, of course, Jesse, Prairie and Rachel pulled together to complete one of the most solid bands I have seen in years. To totally complete the evening, I was thrilled to hear Couldn't I Just Tell You and Just One Victory (it had been a while since I had heard him perform the latter live). Great job Todd! You are so in your element and your glory in these power guitar venues! Keep it coming!

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10/09/2008 - Community Theatre - Morristown, NJ

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