Community Theatre, 10/09/08

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As you may recall, my wife and I attended The Borgata, NJ show where we were hit by a freight train, and thrown across the room. So after we recovered, we decided to head to this concert in a very nice venue in the small town of Morristown, NJ. This time, we were prepared with all the proper battle gear. It was interesting that you could buy drinks there but you couldn't bring the drinks to your seat, so that left a lot of people in the lobby chugging beer or wine, or the one bottle of Irish Whiskey they had. Once we got in, they had an opening act. He was a very talented guy musically from Boston with a good voice but his lyrics left a lot to be desired. Then we put on our heavy duty battle equipment, dug our fox hole and got ready for what was to come. Looking around, you can see many people who were not going to be ready for the onslaught and we tried to warn as many people as we could. And then Todd and company began to play. OMG! It was louder and more powerful, and had more energy then the Borgata show. Slowly but surely our armor was being shredded away. I could feel us losing our grips and we were sucked out of the fox hole and once again thrown against the back wall. Twice! Preparation did no good. This time it was several freight trains and maybe a jet, I'm not sure. All the guitarists lined up across the front of the stage and they all just wailed and wailed away. And the people LOVED it. It was the first time the person sitting next to us heard it and she was jazzed. This band does an outstanding job of translating the material on the CD. It was good to see Kasim although he did look befuddled through some of it. I imagine he is still learning. At the same point in the concert as with the Borgata show, they kicked it up a notch during Today. When they go into the middle floaty portion of Today, it seemed like they all cranked up the volume becuase when he says "Why not today?", BAM!!! It was a nuclear explosion and everyone went nuts. Manup is such a perfect ending song. They had more minor technical difficulties then the previous show; all of them had to mess with their equipment and the bass at times was so loud I thought it would stop my heart (and I'm a bass player). Three times a roadie ran to Rachel's amp to fiddle with it. The crowd was very good. I would imagine it was people from Phillie and New York, as well as us New Jersey people. There were standing ovations from the first song to the end. You have to, have to, have to see this show if it comes near you.

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10/09/2008 - Community Theatre - Morristown, NJ

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