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Show number three this year. Yes Todd you hit the mark with the rocking show venue. Wouldn't it be nice to be back in the seventies at your concert again. Hey , wait I think we are. Drug free reminisces occured all throughout the show. This location being so close to home was especially nice. The Dublin Pub across the road, played TR music while we ate dinner . The theater was great inside with very comfortable and spacious seating.

Kasim was back and his vocals augmented Todds terrific sounding voice. Its hard to believe that we have all grown so much together as fans and have stuck out the many faces of TR music , only to morph back to his roots. Just One Victory brought me back to the Wolman skating Rink in Central park at the schaefer music festivals . Todd threw in a few oldies to segue into his new Arena album. Rachel, has become comfortable with the crew and is blossoming with her talent. The band was very tight and on.

Take my advice, see this show . It will make you feel young again. And if you are young, see this show while you can it is truly a tribute to talent that is so hard to find today. Now the big decision, woodstock or the village for show number 4 and or 5. Hey what the hell Im 50 this year and what a fun way to remember the year

Go Mr. Rundgren , give us more.

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10/09/2008 - Community Theatre - Morristown, NJ

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