Oct 6, 2008 Chicago tour review

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I have laughed and said I would listen to Todd to get away from metal music in the 80s. After seeing Todd last night I still don't know AC/DC from ZZ Top, but I think I now understand to appreciate that kind of music, one has to experience it live. Arena is exhilarating live!

I had so much fun last night, singing along, pointing my finger up in the air to Mountaintop (higher, higher) and just plain being mesmerized by the greatest voice in rock. I kept thinking how I wished I was already a member of the Second Mortgage Club and going out to dinner with Todd afterwards so I could gush about his voice and performance last night in Chicago. ("I hate to gush but I'm your biggest fan." Ha ha-along with the other 700 people at the sold out Park West show.) His voice was so pure and flawless. No missed lyrics. Every song was a highlight for me, even the covers which Todd referred to as "orphans." But he did say before one of them: "Pretty soon we're gonna kick it out of the car."

And the music was brilliant! There were no broken strings, no mishaps. Prairie is such an amazing drummer and Jesse is incredible. I could watch him for hours. It was nice to see Kasim back with Todd; he played both guitar and keyboards. At one point in Bardo, I think Jesse was giving Kasim--playing Arena for just the third time--a guitar lesson. I really enjoyed watching Rachel play bass-she is so talented and gorgeous! I personally enjoyed her more laid back attitude. At the end of Couldn't I Just Tell You, all guitarists did the high kicks at the end--Fun! There were a lot of smiles on the stage. Just One Victory was a moving final encore. Once again, Todd's voice was perfection!

So Todd, if you read this I want to tell you how incredible your voice is and thank you for once again wearing the leather pants in Chicago. ;) I'm still smiling while writing this, 18 hours later.

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10/06/2008 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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