Park West/Chicago IL/10.6.08

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I LOVE when Todd plays the Park West! Great place, great people! Had a great time waiting in line with all the diehards! Thank you Todd for coming to Chicago in October, weather was beautiful. The concert OMG was FANTASTIC!!! Todd sounded great and his guitar playing WOW!!! No broken strings, problems with guitars, the only thing I recall as a problem (for the fans) is the time on the tik said 7:30 and they came out at about 8:10 but it was worth the wait!!!

This was one of the only times that I can remember (in 30 yrs) not hearing the CD before the concert and I was wonderfully (is that a word???) surprised! The new songs were Fantastic! I was very surprised to hear that the first song played at the concert was "Love In Action", that was sooooo great and "Couldn't I Just Tell You" was even better!!! Any Utopia Songs, I'm for it. I did of course buy the CD at the show. (went to 5 stores and no luck)

Todd had a great sense of humor at the show, the crowd loves him. Jesse, Kasim, Prairie and Rachel all did an AMAZING JOB, they sounded so good together! Sorry but Kasim needs to be in front!!! Looked like it was too dark in the back to see the keyboards, maybe a portable light to go on top of the keyboards? (hee hee) It was different seeing Kasim play guitar instead of bass, I have too say Rachel did a really good job, she's pretty. What can you say about Jesse and Prairie except don't ever change! I almost got one of Prairie's drumsticks but this guy in front of me grabbed them both, what happened to sharing?!

Had a Fantastic time all the way around and even though I bought tiks for Madison and Pittsburgh which I'm not able to go too, I will be there in spirit, thinking about how great of time the fans are having. Can't wait until next year for more! More in the Midwest and not in the wintertime please!!!

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10/06/2008 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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