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Let's set the stage for this beautiful evening. As in complete opposition of the last shows here in January - this night was as good as it gets for Oct in Chicago. Warm temps near 70 - made standing in line easy. Nice chatting with all the folks for the couple of hours there. Got to see Todd get out of the cab and walk right through the front doors. (as usual at the Park West). Big smiles from TR. Saw Jesse drive the van up too but headed around the corner down the alley to the back door. We were primed and ready to go!

Being in the first 10-15 people to walk in the door we sat ourselves just right of center and second chair back. Perfect. I listened to a couple songs from the back of the venue too and it sounded great. Acoustically Park West is a great room and Todd filled every inch of it with fist pumpin gusto.

New Arena has influences of classic rock and more - but always Todd true essence shines through. The rockin calms for a moment and he belts out his soulful lyrics. I am thinking Todd could do any genre (and just about has) and still make it his own. How to keep his mind active and creativity flowing - he lunges forward. Giving hints of his next project he mentions Robert Johnson. He's barely into this tour and there is room for more.

Back to the Park West......let me say with all due respect and politeness to everyone involved - that Kasim is a welcomed addition and dare I say necessary component to this line up. The harmonies - the guitar and keys - and added presence of years of experience is noticed on stage. Jesse and Prairie never faulter and their experience and enthusiam and love shine through in every note. Rachel is doing an outstanding job on bass. She is giving it her all and it does show. All this surrounds the man and makes this show one of the best.

This is my totally biased and humble opinion.....

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10/06/2008 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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