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The show at Texas Station was really great. As reported in all previous reviews, each singer did a few tunes (seemed more like 2 tunes for most) from their own catalogs before the "40 Years" performance.

Since this was the 10th and last show, it looks like everyone had their parts down this time around except for Lou Gramm, who read the lyrics from sheets of paper taped to a guitar case propped up in front of his mike stand. Even with the lyrics right in his face, he murdered every Beatle tune he touched with botched lyrics and bad vocals. How they could let him get away with this less than amateur performance is a mystery. Contract... no doubt.

Denny Laine's rendition of "Within You, Without You" was brilliant, especially with backing strings and other instruments recreating a sound that I had only heard before on the Sgt Pepper's record. Mesmerizing!

Christopher Cross was another high point as his vocals and execution of "She's Leaving Home" and "When I'm Sixty-Four" were exquisite and right on the money. Now, here's a guy who knows his Sgt. Pepper lyrics and melodies! Bravo, Mr. Cross!

As expected, Todd nailed every tune and added much comedic relief to the performance. From humping a speaker cabinet to mustache technical difficulties, to flailing stooge dancing, to absurdly cheap but highly effective costumes, plus knocking over Gramm's mike stand after Gramm destroyed yet another Pepper tune, Todd was definitely the magic glue that held this whole show together.

Bo Bice? Forgettable. My apologies for speaking the truth. His little hat and alien sunglasses, which he never removed for any part of the show, kept him visually anonymous. That could have been any mediocre long-haired guy up there for all we knew. Coulda been several different mediocre guys!

After the show, dinner with the band, crew and numerous Toddheads was very cool. Everyone was really nice!

The Tubes show on the very next night with Todd, Michelle and many "40 Years" folks in attendance was more fun than ever! Fee and the band are still right on and the tunes had everyone on their feet. Nothing like chanting "WHITE PUNKS ON DOPE!" in 2008!

A splendid time...

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8/29/2008 - Texas Station, Dallas Event Center - Las Vegas, NV

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