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I just saw the 'Pepper' concert here at the Brady Theater and what a fine show it was! As the amazing Mr. Gress put it, these musicians have all really shown a great reverence for this music. Not having any of the other dates to compare it to, I would have to believe that this was their most together show thus far. The sound was very good where I was on the floor, 12 or so rows back. There didn't appear to be any instrument or backing tape issues at all..as far as the performances go, everyone brought their 'A' game this evening

Having read such mean-spirited reviews earlier, as well as having heard about Lou Gramm's incredibly difficult past medical issues, I really did not expect to hear a very good performance from him. He was quite strong vocally this evening, and his obvious use of lyric sheets at his feet is perfectly understandable to me. That means he's likely to sing all his bits without incident, as he did tonight. Christopher Cross was as musical a singer as I've seen in years.The man has awesome pitch, a great stage presence, and sang with a lot of heart. His songs were truly lovely. The use of the string & horn players, as well as the very tight backing players made for the best solo turn of the evening..people were all on their feet for the man. Bo Bice was also fine by me. His tunes weren't something I know, but he played entusiastically during his brief set. I'm thinking the fans in Tulsa may well have known him from 'Idol'; they gave him a rousing welcome. His parts during the 'Pepper' set were well played, and he watched Todd & Jesse both for his cues and only missed one that I could see, during a truly fine '...Gently Weeps' where Todd very graciously shared the vocal duties with all the principals by nodding to each to step in and take a turn. It truly rocked!

This production was all that I had hoped for, and a lot more. The strings, harp, and the horn players were all a very important feature of this show. Their perfect rendition of 'She's Leaving Home' featuring Christopher Cross and Jonathan Clark was breathtaking, to say the least. Denny Laine, a truly accomplished musician in his own right, pulled some very fine vocal duties during 'Within You, Without You' and he like Mr.Cross is someone I'll go out of my way to see perform again if I ever get the chance.

As I sit writing this frrom the Tulsa airport, the band has all taken the previous flight on to the last date in Las Vegas. ( I was scheduled on that flight but agreed to be bumped so that a couple to stay together for their flight.) The few musicians I spoke with were all kind folks, and I let them know just how lovely I thought the concert was last night..several said the show was their best one yet. To the folks headed to Vegas tonight, you're in for a real treat! And if you're on the fence about going, do not hesitate. This group of 18 plus professionals have put together a loving recreation of a truly special album. The backing tapes from the original recording are an amazing touch ( how did he get those??) all of the players, Todd's truly fun turns as ringleader, everyone who was involved..all made for a fun & entertaining evening. Thank you one & all, and get to this show if you possibly can! Corky

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8/28/2008 - Brady Theatre - Tulsa, OK

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