Sgt.Peps At Hollywood,Fla. 8-25-08

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I dont know if Todd is aware of the fact that in the casino of the Hard Rock in Hollywood Fla. where the Anna Nicole Smith died,there stands a wall dedicated to Todd's "Bang On The Drum" of which I have a photo and once I get to a better computer I will Email it to Rodger Linder for posting. It reads in quote "I Don't Want To Work,I Want To Bang On The Drum All Day" and below that it says Todd Rundgren. Also, there are drums attached to the wall which by the way are signed by Frank Beard of ZZ Top( go figure). So in responce the review previous it would only be fitting that song be performed in that building. In addition I TOTALY DIAGREE WITH THE FACT THAT CROSS STOLE THE SHOW.Todd totaly dominated not that it's a compitition .While Cross is exellent singing some of those McCartney songs and his own stuff the fact of the matter is that Todd was doing "Strawberry Fields" on Faithful and the "Deface The Music" effort where Utopia (the greatest band ever) mimics the Beatles with such acuracy that it reflects in his performance and that I defy anyone to prove me wrong. Before George Harrison died rumors would swirl for years about a Beatle reunion and I was of the realization that ther would be none better than Todd Rundgren to forfill that task, and I do belive TR would have taken the job.

This show was great and the crowd was unreal!!! A bunch of us finally in protest of those that need to sit on thier fat asses and yell down in front gathhered up front for the psycadelic lonely hearts band . I was so close up front that I could make eye contact everyone inthe band and that is such a thrill for me because I fell as though I am a part of something really special. I could yell "dont eat the brown acid" as a joke to the band members and some chuckled including TR it was really trippy. I wish I had shrooms.You know its great when you fell high when your sober or not high or drunk.

I do believe Ive fallen in love with the blonde who I think heads up the string section. I would love to find out if there is any other music avilible or a my space with regard to her and her group(dont know her name). I liked them more then Ethel.

Specically regarding the show, they have added some Sgt. Peps. costumes which were not included at the Westbury,NY show last week.Also Denny Laine is frickin cool. Also, Jesse GressI used to veiw as that guy that plays TR and now I view him as a rock star genius GTR player who I can watch with or without Todd. I would be interested to hear a solo Jesse thing like a Steve Via/ Jeff Beck type thing with minimal if any vocals(with Prarie on drums if possible and no keys).

My ultimate fantasy would be to hear Todd and Kasim sing "SheSaid,She Said" or I would settle for just Todd W/ the Lonely Hearts or the Liars or the Arena Crew .

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8/25/2008 - Hard Rock - Hollywood, FL

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