It Was Forty Years Ago Today - Hollywood, FL/Hard Rock Live

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To start, I really enjoyed this show overall. But nearly all that you've read about it so far is pretty right on. Denny Laine: pretty good. Time To Hide could have been tighter and better, and I've always loved the live Wings version. Go Now, very nice version. Bo Bice: tolerable, not horrible. A little derivitive, but good voice on the Beatles stuff. Christopher Cross: I saw it with my own two eyes, stole the show. Just a great job on both his material and Beatles. Besides Todd's good moments, my favorite part of the show was Cross. Lou Gramm: well, I don't want to bash the man because I really don't know what's going on there besides what little I know of his cancer history. But, to say he's not at his best would be an understatement. I will say though that the thought I have the morning after is, good for him for getting out there and trying whatever may be going on. Lou, take care, man! It was disappointing that the band members weren't all introduced at the end as they all played very well and contributed as much or more than some of the names on the ticket. Jesse, Prarie, Greg Hawkes, the string section and bass player whose names I am not sure of were fantastic. And now for our fearless leader. To say he was feeling a bit cocky this night would also be an understatement. Open My Eyes, blazing. I Saw The Light, nice and tight. Bang The Drum All Day, obnoxious! Definitely turned some people off. The anger in doing it was evident. And with the obvious majority of Todd fans in attendance, he could definitely pick another song to do instead. I took a date who I've just begun seeing. Not very familiar with Todd. Now, a little of the silliness was amusing at first. But it definitely got to a point during the Sgt. Pepper set where I was praying he would dial it down a bit. Just a little too much! So, I think I'm going to have to work a little harder to make her a convert. What a contrast though, to see him in April as the calm, cool, collected boss/leader of the band on his own tour to the total goofball who is seemingly exorcising some theatrical demons on this tour. So, the Sgt. Pepper set was really impressive! And with a hit and miss selection from everyone's solo material, I would say it's definitely worth seeing. Buy cheaper seats. That helps a little. And Todd, if you could swing that Arena tour right back through the very same Hard Rock Live venue, I'll definitely go for the good seats next time.

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8/25/2008 - Hard Rock - Hollywood, FL

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