Wolf Trap

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It was a complete and almost total embarrassment.

In a nutshell....TR was the driving force of a band of musical misfits, has beens and a few never were's thrown in for good measure.....with the obvious exception of TR's band..should go without saying.Jesse never disappoints and Prairie made Christopher Cross' songs sound interesting to me.

Denny Laine is barely passable..Bo Bice I can live without entirely...just derivative. Lou Gramm..must have been drunk....consistently forgot the lyrics to the greatest songs ever written....and looked like he just stumbled out of a pub and ended up on a stage.

1st half I could easily have done without..same old stuff...done poorly except of course TR but that wasn't enough. As good as TR might have been..the rest of the band was twice as bad. Who set up this horrible fiasco? They should shut the mutha down.

TR was talking closely to Bo at several points.

They encored with " ...gently weeps...." but should have ended it when they 1st walked off the stage.

My friend is managing director of the park and was told that at the end of the 1st half....a man was demanding a refund (not me).

The premise was interesting..the delivery was less than even remotely stellar. A few nice moments in the second half...most involving TR .... really...anyone who looks at this show and feels otherwise must have stars in their eyes....

really sorry....

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8/23/2008 - Wolf Trap @ Filene Center - Vienna, VA

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