review 8-17-08 Westbury, NY

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just some quick footnotes:

you may have seen from the video this was an "on the round" show with the stage in the center of the theater slowly moving in circles

I was on the 12th row and the view was awesome, but it was good from anywhere in the place. I was really lucky to be on the edge of the isle where the musicians passed to go to and from the stage so I got to slap their hands and call their names many times

I've been a Tood and Tubes fan forever and Sgt. Pepper is some of the first music I ever knew as a kid so seeing Todd and Prairie with Greg Hawkes no less do this music was .... WOW

Todd was a crack-up with the different costumes to depict the different songs, flower costume with flower head a la Peter gabriel for Lucy in the sky, circus ringmaster with funny littke electrical tape mustace for Mr. Kite, Business suit with briefcase full of glitter for Good Morning

Lou sang little help from my friends, when 'm sixty four and lovely rita. Chris sang fixing a hole and she's leaving home. Denny sang within you without you. Todd sang Paul in Sgt. Pepper's and reprise and John in all the others. The samples from the original recordings were controlled by Greg and a laptop was involved

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8/17/2008 - Capital One Bank Theatre - Westbury, NY

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