Review of the Capital one theatre show- 8/17

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One of the nice things about this show was seeing all the kids accompanying their parents. My wife and my two kids joined me on this magical evening of music.

For me this was like a dream come true. To see all of that talent on a stage and to have 12th row seats, well it just does not get much better then that. Not being a huge Beatles fan myself I sort of enjoyed hearing the artists do their own music as much, if not more then the Beatles tribute, but thatís just me. Much of the crowd seemed to be Bealtles fans but they were in awe to the variety of music that was played.

Capitol One, AKA Westbury Music Fair was a little more then ĺís filled. For some reason it is a tough place to sell out and I totally attribute that to a lack of concert promotion. The crowd was really into the show and came to their feet several times. My daughter thought Todd was totally cool and wants to go to a future concert to see him again.

For me this show was a blast from the past and filled with fun. I must Say Christopher Cross has the most amazing voice as this was the first time I have heard him live.

Everyone that was in the show contributed nicely and it was a pleasant surprise to see Gregg Hawkes.

Go see this show, you will be blown away!!!!!

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8/17/2008 - Capital One Bank Theatre - Westbury, NY

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