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After weeks of anticipation the day finally came. The hired talent did their own hits for the first part of the show. I felt the pacing of the show was off a bit.. to many hi point of the individual performance followed by low points but after a brief intermission the show was full speed ahead. The ring master took the stage and proved why he is a delight to see live. Acting out his parts on stage, he was Lucy in the sky wearing a flower piece on his head. He was Mr Kite with his top hat and mustache dancing like a fool.

Video - Good Morning Good Morning

Jesse did an unbelievable job playing the guitar and imitating the sitar sound during "within you with out you"

Christopher cross did a near perfect rendition of "fixing a hole" and"she's leaving home" followed by a standing ovation. Gregg hawks was his comical self the whole night. take a look at the video I shot he plays with puppets during this part of the performance. he is also wearing huge fuzzy slippers.

Video - Fixing a Hole

Video - She's Leaving Home

The band was amazing, In a interview from earlier this week Todd mentioned he was able to secure the original studio tracks from the master recording and actually was able to use bits and pieces of the recording to supplement sounds and pieces he couldn't do live. Sgt Pepper has always been a favorite of mine and no way would the original Beatles have been able to do what these guys did live.

A previous review said that they flubbed almost every song. as usual with Todd as the few first dates get under his belt the shows improve. no need for improvement any longer they have hit their stride. EVERY TODD FAN AND BEATLE FAN HAS TO SEE THIS TOUR. AND BRING THE KIDS LIKE I DID........ THEY WILL BE THE FUTURE TODD FANS..

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8/17/2008 - Capital One Bank Theatre - Westbury, NY

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