Sgt Peps in westbury 8-17-08

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I question the validity of the negative review of prior show because I just returned home from a truly amazing experience I will never forget!A celebration of sorts,yes a 40 th aniversary tribute as performed by just the perfect combination of PEOPLE who really had a combined appreciation and TALENT to reflect not only a near perfect interpatation of Sgt. Peps but also a vibe of the message and consiousness of the era . I should point out two really great facts as well. First Jesse as band leader very impressive.Second ,the 8 piece ensamble was a BEUTYFUL THING! TR also mentioned that "you are so beutyful to we" a Joe Cocker line directed to the audience!Have you ever heard Todd Rundgren sing "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" or "A Day In A Life" or "A Benefit For Mr. Kite" I cant express in words the erie likeness of Todd Singing the looping ahh ahh ahh ahh's prior to "woke up got out of bed dragged a comb across my head" (I cant even remember who did the PAUL part ... I think it was Lou Grahm and by the way Christopher Cross& Denny Laine each covered Mc Cartney parts throughout night and TR covered John Lennon) It may seem as if TR was sort of jokingly pinching his nose to get that nasal Lennon sound on that part but Todd has used that technique on "come to the rescue,come to the rescue--- give me that old time religion..." I can go on and on.

Some songs from set one: "Go now "(D.Laine) "Heart Of NYC" &Ride Like The Wind"& "Sailing" C. Cross A song from Bo Bice of American Idol Fame (sorry not too familiar with his songs.Also Lou grahm ran hot & cold tonight and by that I mean "Hot Blooded" & "Cold As Ice" and Prarie and Jesse kicked ass on those two esspecially Jesse on Hot Blooded lead GTR riff. Lets see who did I forget oh I know TODD RUNDGREN Mr TR-i himself who got a little interactive tonight and asked a couple of members of the audience to join him in Banging on his drum which was a pisser way to end the first set but prior to that TR and company kicked out some "I Saw The Light" & "Open My Eyes" wich needless to say was great. Todd is and will always be the greatest since he opened my eyes in Central Park ,NYC in 1979 with Utopia.I should also mention Jesse just once more for his phenominal sound and rendition of Georges wacked out Indian/Sitar thing and Prarie making those cool sounds to back it up and Greg Hawkes spacing along with was the bomb!!! Lets not forget Liar John Frenzsnick I may not spell his name correctly but Its always great to see and hear him play.Greg and John booth equally needed ,there was so much George Martin had going on Sgt Peps it is a essential requirement to have I think what was it EIGHTEEN MUSICIANS not including crew and so forth DONT MISS THIS SHOW ,get a sitter,cancell bowling,take off work,leave your spouce or bring them just try to make this one Well for me me its Arena 2 in NYC in Dec. See ya then!

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8/17/2008 - Capital One Bank Theatre - Westbury, NY

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