Asbury Park Sergeant Pepper's Show~40 years....Stone Pony 8/16/08

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Hi all, us girls went to the Asbury Park Sergeant Pepper's Show. So everything SpecialEd said and more...

What a Blast! Just no lid no bottom on this show!!!!! Packed like sardines, great crowd, no chairs....dancing dancing dancing....we ( the audience knew all the words ) including my kid!!!!! (she said with pride).

God...I had soooooooooooo much fun.

Todd's hysterical....complete maniac mad man.... Laughed, sang and screamed till I couldn't breathe!!!!!!!

Kid kept saying "mom, do ya see his pants...??"

Ah, yeah...i think I

No 60 yr. Old has a right to look that good...but if there has to be one...let it be Todd!...~grin (cheshire cat style)


All I can say is go, go,'s monster fun!!!!


Todd did hide your love...(a sweetheart spot for me and my girl) marks the anniversary of her 1st Todd show when she was 4...

Just sweet!!!!!!!!

Thanks for a great show and a Fun time!!!!!!! ~smiling out loud

1st time @the Stone Pony...great spot in the world...

Pics and maybe (hopefully video) to come. :)

Jesse, jesse, jesse, prarie, prarie prarie!!!!! most righteous ~namaste...and YOOOOOUCH!!! humble sweet an hot performances thank you, thank you thank you!...!!!!

Bass player, young good looking don't know his name but the kid took enough pics of him...guess that says it all. (note to self don't let the kid have the

I believe, I saw John Ferenzik was playin with Greg Hawkes (who is adorable by the way).

Strings, sax, got to see denny laine live finally (parents are forgiven) :)

Chris Cross, Lou music...great fun...!!!!!!

Shine on, you crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy lonely hearts!

Thanks again Roger Linder!!! and the


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8/16/2008 - The Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ

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