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If I had written this review last night, the tone may have been a little meaner. But, after spending the day at the beach, I think I've cooled down. At any rate, the show was LOUSY.

I was really disappointed by the Sgt. Pepper's set. They flubbed every single song. Botched lyrics, missed cues. A train wreck or two. It was so amateurish. I was so annoyed after With A Little Help From My Friends, I wanted to leave. What a fiasco.

When Todd walked out dressed as a flower for Lucy, I was ready to run! What a joke.

But I managed. Somehow. I guess I wanted to get my money's worth.

If you've ever been to the Stone Pony you'll know that the sound mix is usually total crap. Last night was no exception. So much bass guitar, and bass vibration. Poor Prairie Prince, he had a worse mix than me. He looked so pissed. And embarrassed.

Two keyboard players and they needed a string section? Give me a break. They were thin and inaudible.

Now, I know the group is not a fault for this type of thing. But the mistakes were UNFORGIVABLE.

Only the second show of the tour, it may have been the second rehearsal. Lou Gramm and Bo Bice were no shows, so Todd and Christopher Cross played a few extra solo tunes in the first set, which was actually quite fun.

There was a loose vibe, but Christopher Cross was cool, I was glad to have seen him live. He was the highlight of the night.

Denny Laine, seemed a bit out of it. The bass player was cool, but too loud. I love Greg Hawkes, but didn't hear much of him.

The crowd was noisy, as they usually are in Asbury. They talk a whole lot during the show, I see it time and again.

So, in closing, I hope you see a better show than I did.

The band should lose the props and learn the songs. It really was quite silly.

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8/16/2008 - The Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ

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