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I think Roger's review pretty much says it all. Jesse and the band (esp Prarie and Ferenzik) were stellar throughout. The first set was kind of like a studio gig for these guys-it is very difficult to cop the different feels of all these artists and the band were top notch professionals. I was extremely impressed with the Pepper set especially Within You Without You. The encores were not as together as the Pepper part- in fact there was confusion on Weeps-everybody kept looking at TR and he was yielding so others could take their turns both singing and soloing, it turned into a bit of a wankfest at the end. i was surprised they didnt use the Bo dude at all much during Pepper-he can sing well but his tunes to me sound like other songs. in the course of his 2 solo tunes he quoted (almost literally) parts of The Ocean by Zep (I need a witness) and Feel Like Making Love (im gone) by Bad Company.Great voice, not a songwriter/-really not an original bone in his body, but thats cool. But people like him-he can sing.

Lou Gramm kept saying before each tune he sang " we go"-(kinda like when willie would say "are y'all ready to rock and roll..1234"). Gramm's voice held out better than I expected. I liked the Denny tune Time To Hide and admired him for the selection. Todds set was typical but OME was a bit of a surprise. I figured wed get a new tune just to shake things up. Others that could work would be IWHMAD, HIM and CWSBF. The band was careful and in some places the mix was off but this was gig #1. The unity of set #2 makes this a special thing to see and no doubt, as Rog and others have noted, Todd dominates the second half, which is no surprise. With a few more shows, itll gel even better. This sits very nicely among the similar things Todd has done like this recently. Nice crowd: a few more kids and lots (I mean lots) of grey hairs compared to the solo gigs. Great to see TR JG PP JF and GH play Sgt Pepper-everything else there is gravy..Well worth the very reasonable ticket price! Go see it!...Mister Wahwah

go now
time to hide
i need a witness
im gone
arthurs tune
ride like the wind
cold as ice
midnight blue
hot blooded
open my eyes
i saw the light
bang the drum all day


sgt peppers lonely hearts club band with a little help from my friends lucy in the sky with diamonds getting better fixing a hole shes leaving home for the benefit of mr kite within you without you when im sixty four lovely rita good morning good morning a day in the life

band introductions strawberry fields forever performer introductions while my guitar gently weeps

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8/15/2008 - Seven Springs Resort - Champion, PA

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