Fri 8/15/08, Seven Springs Resort

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You are going to love it! Who doesn't like the Beatles? They played the Sgt. Pepper album nearly perfectly. The band was having fun and Todd was clowning it up for the crowd. They missed a few cues, but that's alright, so did I.

Before the main event they each played a few tunes from their repertoire.

They opened with Revolution. It rocked.

Denny Lane played, Go Now, and a tune he wrote for Wings.

Chris Cross played three tunes. Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do), Sailing, and Ride Like the Wind.

Lou Gramm played three also, Hot Blooded, Midnight Blue, and a third I can't remember.

Bo Bice played two, southern fried originals I never heard before. Still don't know why he was there. Oh yeah... the girls love him.

Todd Played three, Open My Eyes, I Saw the Light, and Bang the Drum. Everyone loved him.

Then intermission.

Then Sgt. Peppers. Straight through, start to finish. Lots of fun! Great sound. Performances were impeccable. Everyone had a part to play and the played it well. Jesse was the director, but Todd was the ringleader. Top hat, mustache and all.

Encores: Beatle tunes, Strawberry Fields and While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Loved Every Minute Of It!

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8/15/2008 - Seven Springs Resort - Champion, PA

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