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Is it September yet?

For the first time a valid reason has arrived requiring us here in the Northeast to actually look forward to summer's end. Holy Hellatiousness!!! Bring on the harvest. I have got to get this music playing here at home. Todd and band members, you were simply amazing. Thank you for one of the all time best shows, ever! Flawless and Fantastic!!!

Arena has a strong backbone. One that will grab your own. Yup, it's got you from the get go. Todd's undulating energy rocks his wake-up and walk-the-talk right through your entire core. You bettcha, just like you've heard, Arena's got strong arms, but it's no bully. You and your spine plug in and get active with him all the way through. I found myself in awe. You'll know what I mean when I say, I was adorned with that similar naturally-stoned smile I had the first time Todd's energy grabbed me and held me mesmerized way back when. I have no idea which are my favorite songs, cause I loved them all, they're genius.

I have to also say, what a treat experiencing Todd and the band playing Arena live before we have heard it on CD. It was a dream come true. Really it was, well, all except for all the other people being there, ha ha. Just kiddin, you know you fans rock it too. Todd's looking mighty tight, music sounding so right, and the passion... pure n' smashin! Rock on and up the spiral groove of Todd. Hey distributors... come on, give us the sound early, man. You've got to know how madly, how badly we're all craving it.

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8/02/2008 - Borgata Spa & Resort - Music Box - Atlantic City, NJ

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