Todd at The Borgata 8/2/08

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I'm speechless. I'm literally without speech. The concert last night at The Borgata had to be one of the top 5 concerts we've seen, and probably number 1 in terms of proficiency and energy. There were no mistakes made by anyone, especially Todd. We have come to accept that and enjoy that, but this was Todd on a mission. Although the opening songs were very good, I found myself waiting for the new material, and when those songs came, they were spectacular. It wasn't loud, it was a freight train. It grabbed you and threw you across the room. The Music Box holds 850 people, and I guess there were little more then 500 there due to lack of advertising and the tickets didn't go on sale until two weeks before. But the faithful where there anyway. The sound system was excellent. I have to say that none of the live recordings of this show to date do these songs justice. It was just awesome. Todd did not break any strings the entire night but Jesse did toward the end. The rhythm section of Prairie, Rachel and Matt allowed Todd and Jesse to cruise and jam on their guitars. Todd's voice was pretty good considering. The song "Today" was incredible and I haven't stopped singing "Mountain Top" in my head all night. We were fist pumping to "Strike" like we've known the song for years. I cannot wait for the studio versions of these songs. And the kicker was "Just One Victory" as the last encore where Todd hit every note dead on. The power and force behind this band is something you just have to experience live to believe. I know I am not saying anything that the previous reviewers have already stated, but this was an incredible show. It was also great to once again be among Todd fans. Again, I'm speechless.

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8/02/2008 - Borgata Spa & Resort - Music Box - Atlantic City, NJ

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