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Saw Todd at the Borgata last night. I was able to exchange my (pretty good) ticket for a seat front row center. I knew going in that the bulk of the show would be the new tunes and I was looking forward to hearing them. Oh man, how great is Todd? The new tunes flat our ROCKED! I never sat up front before. I am constantly blown away by the man. Most of the crowd got into the new stuff. The only lowlight were the two human crap stains two seats away from me. They bitched and complained during every new song! I donít know this one! I am too old for this stuff! Hey Ladies-you donít belong at a Todd show. You donít get it and itís a shame that such great seats were wasted on crap heads like you!

Aside from crappy and crappier, the whole show was great. I loved most of the new stuff. The old stuff was great as always. He was in a great mood, the band sounded great and the venue is cool. Iíve seen about 30 shows in my day and last night was easily in the top 5 of my favorites. Kudos to Todd and band for

Anyway, can someone please explain why most shows at the Borgata were advertised and on sale for months and Toddís show went on sale like two weeks prior? Todd further confirmed that he is the most talented, diverse, original talent currently making music. In a perfect world Todd would rule the charts, airwaves and ARENAS! Tell all your friends and neighbors not top miss the next tour, it will be worth it!

Oh, and if you happen to see two overweight, loudmouths with bad bleach jobs wearing hooker clothes, stay away! Their negative energy will only create a bad vibes during an otherwise awesomely positive experience.

Long live TR!

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8/02/2008 - Borgata Spa & Resort - Music Box - Atlantic City, NJ

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