TR at the Borgata 8/2/08

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How incredibly cool is this? The first time you hear a new Todd Rundgren album it's by having him and an incredibly tight band perform it to you live. I've gone out of my way to avoid hearing any of the new songs. I wanted to go into the show an "Arena" virgin. Hearing a new TR album for the first time in this way was a dream come true. Please do this again in the future.

Todd, you are a genius. What working musician has covered as much musical ground as you have? Who, after 40 years of writing and performing music, can still come up with new songs that are as fresh and creative as your new album? That you are not widely recognized as one of the most important American song writers and musicians of the later 20th/early 21st centuries is a travesty. Thank you for the music, for continuing to go on the road, and for putting in such stellar performances.

The set was:

Love in Action
The Walls Came Down
Black Maria
Open My Eyes
Lunatic Fringe
I Saw the Light

All of the "Arena" album

Encores: Couldn't I Just Just One Victory

Oh, and one more thing. When the second leg of this tour starts and you pass through America again, COME TO PHILADELPHIA!

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8/02/2008 - Borgata Spa & Resort - Music Box - Atlantic City, NJ

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