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Phenomenal show. This show was unfreakingbelievably great.

Todd and the band came out and launched right into “Love in Action”. This was a great way to start the night because this song is one of my all time favorites. Todd was full of energy, in the lean and fit body of a 20 year old. The audience was fired up, showing Todd lots of love.. At the first break in the music, a few people in the upper section, and on the side yelled “ Todd! Can we still be friends?”, asking it like a question, much to Todd's’ amusement. After this was yelled a few times, Todd replied, ‘If you starting this already, I can tell you you’re in for a big disappointment’, and the crowd laughed. Then, “You’re supposed to wait until after you haven’t heard what you want, and THEN you call out it out, that’s the usual drill.” Audience laughs.

The band was in a great mood. Todd was happy and his voice sounded incredible. Sweet! Every single song was done beautifully. He was all over the stage, kicks and jumps, he delivered it! It was also great to watch Jesse - he was on fire and he was clearly having a great time. Prairie on his throne, was superb. The backup vocals sounded really, really good. Rachel was excellent and she looks so incredible. Matt was also excellent.

Before “Man Up” Todd said something like, “You’re wondering who this is for... The men in power are crooked liars. For the past 7 years they having been lousy, corrupt, lying... been giving us a bad name.” The crowd cheered and he added, “Being a man is helping the weak” He said it twice, he meant it. The audience was attentive, and applauded and cheered, some guy yelled out “Real Man!”

Hearing the music live, I had a better understanding of it, Todd really communicated it. All of it, but especially mercenary, - when he sung it, the way he sung it, more layers opened up for me and I was blown away.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the show, how thrilling it was to hear all the new songs. The audience loved it, people seemed really excited about the new material. Todd was ON. His voice was beautiful. This is one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

After he sang just one victory, he went the entire length of the stage shaking hands, signing things for the fans.

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8/02/2008 - Borgata Spa & Resort - Music Box - Atlantic City, NJ

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