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Review by Jim Quinlivan (Switch to

List below are photo numbers in a ‘backwards principal’ in chronological order ..’Tubes – Prairie’ We all had a great time and it was truly a magical night. Thanks Toddticus and the Warriors!

Please refer to Photo area for the Bearsville,NY Concert: - 1613 Todd posing with his Bearsville girlfriend given to her from Mighty Quinn and the rest of his fans. She was ‘cheap’ only $ 3.99 at the local party store in Wappinger Falls, NY. She was with everyone before Todd put his arms around her . Todd did get ‘down’ with her on the stage just before the encore performance. Does anyone out there have a picture of that ‘sexual encounter’? If you do I would love to have a picture of it and I think the rest of us would like to see it too. Send it to or Also, Todd said proudly, that he wanted to introduce us to his new girlfriend at the end of concert. Sorry Todd, she was ‘had’ by many before she fell into your arms…Reminds me of a song..S-L-U-T

- 1612 Back of Todd’s ‘Bearsville girlfriend’. Many, many signatures on the backside of her, from Todd fans .

- 1611 Lays given to Todd. I wanted to give one to each member of the band and Michele but, that didn’t work out. I was pleased that Todd put them all around his neck. We heard that Michele was in Texas? We missed you, Mrs. Rundgren!

- 1603 Close up of Todd and Foamy

- 1600 The crowd swaying and clapping to Just One Victory

- 1593 Matt Bolton and Todd strumming their Guitars

- 1580 Rachel Haden on base...I'm a married man so I will leave it at that.

- 1579 Prairie Prince banging on the drums

- 1575 Collin with his 1985 vintage Utopia shirt..ahem taken from his father….yeah I wouldn’t be caught dead in it today… you all might see my ‘man boobs’

- 1561 Rachel Haden for the second time. My son, Collin, was infatuated with her. He left a nice message on her myspace.

- 1556 Jesse Gresse 'sizzling' Jesse we loved those American lighted shades you had on.

- 1542 Bearsville Theatre lounge area, just beautiful

- 1539 Our North Hampton MA fan, DennisD? giving back to nature. He stated while I took this picture ‘It’s a little dark but there isn’t much to see.’ I think most of us men have that same issue if its dark or light out Dennis....except for Todd!!!

- 1538 The Tiny Bear restaurant next to Bearsville Theatre. It definitely had a ‘Nature’s Way’ ambiance to it. The food was good but the service was slow or maybe all of Todd fans were so busy drinking and talking it up that we forgot to give our orders?

- 1536 Tiny Bear restaurant, Bearsville Theatre to the left of it

- 1535 Utopia Video Studio. What can I say but I could ‘feel the karma’ The ‘wheel of time’ was rolling through my head of all of the Todd/Utopia videos that were taking here.

- 1532 Ed signing the ‘Todd’s Bearsville girlfriend’ on the back of his mate, Tizme. Mrs Almighty Quinn looking on . Tizme, was Ed dry humping you while signing on your back? LOL

- 1531 The Mighty Quinn (Quinlivan) Family . Mighty Quinn (Jim) to the left, Mini Quinn (Collin) center, and Almighty Quinn, (Linda) to the right

- 1529 Baby Sandy taken a picture of the Todd Crew, left to right , Ed, Tizme, Collin, Veggiegirl, Diane, Linda, LauRA and Margy

- 1528 Bearsville Theatre

- 1527 Bearsville Theatre

- 1519 Mr. Bear at Bearsville Theatre complex

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7/28/2008 - Bearsville Theater - Bearsville, NY

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