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This is the first time I have seen Todd since the "Swing to the Right" tour. I live about 15 min. from where the show was, what a great place. It's good to have Todd in Woodstock again. I must say that I liked the old material and the new songs were good too. Also, I must be getting old, as the music was very loud. I found it hard to understand all of the words. I had to leave the main room and hang out in the bar. You could still see the show thru the smoked glass. The band was very tight, the background vocals were spot on. If you closed your eyes on Just One Victory, you would think it was Utopia. The band was having a lot of fun. Todd cut his finger on a guitar pick, I think. It was really good to hang out again with some Todd fans for the night. I hope it's not 18 more years until the next show.

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7/28/2008 - Bearsville Theater - Bearsville, NY

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