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Just want to add to the other reviews from this show to say how awesome last night was. Typically the last thing you want to hear from a Classic Rock Star is, "now we're going to be playing songs from our new album." Todd throws all of this out the window. The new songs were all amazing. This is my 6th show (going back to 2004), and I thought it was the best one yet. The guitar playing was phenomenal. Rachel did a fine job stepping in for Kasim, and Matt was great as well. Prarie's drumming was superb as always. Interestingly enough, this venue (back in the 50's, when it was called the Mardi Gras) featured national acts. Legendary drummer Gene Krupa played here for a week 50 some years ago.

I thought the club did an excellent job putting this together. Nice that it was only 10 minutes from my house. Unfortunately I won't be able to go to the Tralf on Friday, but I urge anyone who missed last night to make sure they go.

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