Todd in Rochester, NY

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Good evening,

Can't hardly believe what I saw last night. I don't get to see Todd very often. I am 49 years old. I decided when I was 13 years old that he was my favorite guy. He looked like a young man. He was so happy. He was full of things to say to us about his music. He talked and talked. I was so happy I could hardly stand it. Everything I say has probably been said a hundred or more times. I could look at his face. He gets that look when he's playing. He looks down with his mouth open. It's him. He's actually here alive!!!! It's like supernatural occurance. They played so well. Three guitars. Walls of wild sound. Almost all new. You don't know what's going to happen next. His bass player was so cute and happy. She was dancing with Todd. Playing with him. She was so happy. She was so glad to be there with this band. She was Wonderful. It was like this was the best thing she had ever done. Everything was so great. I used to be a musician. Walls of new hooks and huge wonderful sound. Boy am I happy!!!!!

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