Kansas City 7/24/2008

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This show was worth waiting for. Todd and the band were in great form. Everything sounded tight and everyone seemed to know his or her parts, a little more practice on the high kicks during Couldnít I just tell you could be in order.. Todd came out and threw out a challenge by telling us that the bar was set high by the audience in St.Louis the night before. In true Kansas City form anything St. Louis can do we can do better. The set list was fairly standard but did include Black Maria as well as Couldnít I just tell you after Just one Victory to end the night. The seats remained packed for the entire show. Todd did seem a little miffed at some of the onstage noise that took place as he was trying to explain upcoming songs and he seemed to have to pick up the pace of the band to keep some of the songs at their intended tempo. All in all I might suggest that Todd scrap part of the the studio version of this upcoming CD and throw in a good bit of live versions. This night rocked. My 22 year old daughter Stacey thought it was marvelous, it was her first Todd show. Iím not wild about having to wait four years to see Todd but this show was worth the wait. Thank you Todd and the crew.

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7/24/2008 - Voodoo at Harrah's - N. Kansas City, MO

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