An excellent show in St. Louis!

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What an incredible show! Thank you to everyone who helped make this a great night for Todd, the band, and all of the smiling fans who where there..While I've never posted a review here before, I have quite often intended to. There are so many things that have to happen to get a show to come off well, to allow all of us to gather in the same spot & have Todd show us such an amazing experience. Don't know about you, but in my 35 plus years of attending Todd concerts I have come to accept that the sound guy will be on his game & not cheese off an artist that would most certainly be amongst the more discerning performers to roll into this or any other music venue. Having read other reviews I had just a bit of apprehension about tonight's show. The man has to be able to hear himself, I gotta think anyone playing instruments & singing would have to to be able to do so to perform at his/her best. The folks at the knobs seem to have been doing it his way last night & we were rewarded with a blistering set. This room is really a great place to hear music. I was very much reminded of Park West in Chicago in it's size & layout. There seemed to be a near 3/4 capacity crowd, and the place was definetely rocking to be sure. My brother got in early by train & some folks were nice enough to sell him a pair of floor seats cheap & he got in early through the bar & snagged 4 of us seats along a raised bar centered behind the standing "pit" area.A perfect spot for sure! Thanks again to those kind folks, it truly helped assure he & I a great time.( I passed the kindness along by giving away one ticket outside the venue and another pair to a couple who were called by the folks next to us & and their friends raced down to catch the show at the last minute) We all met so many great people in the course of the evening, Chris & I, and don't want to slight anyone by having forgotten their names. But I wanted to say a thank you to JD Martin who I believe found my friend Anna & showed her over to where I was sitting so we could catch up briefly on 10 lost years..several other fans were so nice, the lovely lady in the Todd "hands" shirt (her husband was disabled due to a car crash,names escape me I'm sorry..please e-mail me) the nice lady to my right & her dear friend Charley who I'm certain was legally blind..people were great to give us both a path to the Men's room when nature called. There was a long-time Todd fan behind me (Michael Moore? Did I get that right?) who hugged me like a long-lost brother, & we'd just met. Probably been in the same places in the midwest to see Todd dozens of times and just never got around to saying hello. There were so many other great people as well, the folks I met pre-show at the merch table ( great ladies & excellent merchandise! Signed Todd CD's! I had to by 2 of everything..) who'd bought & doubtless gave away a whole row of balcony tickets. What a great group of people..sorry we didn't have time to visit longer but there was a rock concert to see! And what a rock concert it was...screaming guitar, wailing solos, Rachel's steady & smiling bass, the fury that is Prarie Prince..Matt's keyboards were "up" in the mix this time for sure, & Todd seemed to be having a great time as well. It certainly showed as he blazed through the same great set list he's been polishing to perfection. What can you say about Jesse Gress except that he's a true professional. His playing would be so missed in Todd's bands..I hope he sticks around forever. The show was over far sooner than I would have liked, having gone by like a frieght train, but I cannot imagine that Todd had anything left in his fingers after the incredible set he played for us. The commentary amongst folks I spoke with briefly afterwards showed a similar joy at the band's showmanship & what we'd shared together. It was my intention to try & hang out afterwards, maybe finally re-meet Todd's been over 30 years since I shook his hand at the "Another Live" tour at Arrowhead in KC (opening for Black Oak Arkansas! Where are THEY now?) But I elected to get my brother & myself back to KC & drove straight home & fell into bed at 3:30am. If Todd ain't to old for this, nobody's going to say that I am! I hope to see a bunch of people tonight at the VooDoo lounge in Kansas City, DO NOT HESITATE to come if you're reading this & have reservations about going's all working, it's all rocking, and you will not be dissapointed! See you there. Love to all, Corky Williams

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