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Just a quick review. I thought the show was excellent after reading reviews from the early inception of his tour to present time it seemed to me every show was getting better, and Wednesday nights show was certainly no exception. I had some friends back out at the last minute so I ended up making it family night. My 13 year old son, a drummer, and my 17 year old daughter and 23 year old stepdaughter all went. My wife later text me during the show that she wished she would have gone" jealous" because I took the kids, she elected to stay at our lake house for the remainder of the week. Anyway, the warm up band was very good as well. Believe me my kids hear my Todd music all the time, though the older stuff is drilled into them they picked up on several songs played earlier in the show. Todd's vocals were as good as ever in my opinion. The band sounded clear and crisp. I liked the new material but every true Todd fan would like one 2 1/2 hours of nothing but classic original Todd. If you would tour one year with that mind set, I would easily pay 4 times the ticket price of Wednesday nights show. I bet you could pack the Fox theater here in town. Call it and Evening with Todd. Your voice convinced me you still got it. I recommend the show. It was certainly entertaining both lyrics and musically. We all left completely satisfied......

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