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The small, hot, crowded venue in Houston welcomed Todd & the gang with a rowdy Texan welcome which rewarded us with a, Now This is Respectable, comment from OH. Our group of eight was fortunate enough to get up front stage with a bird’s eye view of Rachel, Prairie & Todd. This also allowed my daughter to be able to get off her feet a bit sitting on the edge of the stage as she’s pregnant with our 2nd grandchild (1st Todd show for both).

Todd climatically kept us forewarned of the new music to come throughout the opening songs. When the time arrived, boy did they deliver! The new music is everything that’s been promised. Screaming guitar riffs with OH screeching out emphatic hooks in a way that has had his followers mesmerized for more than three decades now.

Through comments made prior to performing the new song Guns, it was evident that he had taken offense to a previous show’s revue. Todd… I’m a native born Texan that’s been raised around guns & the hunting tradition. I get the message of the song & love it… It definitely passed this Texan’s test!

I got a kick out of Todd coaching Rachel on stage mannerisms. By the time ManUp was performed, she had the full body sync going that included something similar to the ‘ol John Segler head roll.

In summary, this is a show you really need to see. The new material is very good live. I can hardly wait for the studio work to be released. Gotta go for now, corporate America is calling for my services….

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7/21/2008 - Warehouse Live - Houston, TX

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