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Jesse and Prairie,

Talk him into playing Who's That Man, Out of Control, Rock and Roll Pussy, All You Need is Your Head, Everybody's Going To Heaven, Heavy Metal Kid, and Hiroshima next time out. I don't know if he holds this stuff in contempt, doesn't think its worth the effort to re-learn it, doesn't think anybody will like it, or some combination, but c'mon, people are starved for music like this. Surely you guys would love to play it. I hate "Classic Rock", but this stuff is so good it's what the term "classic" means. I'm all for new music, and will order Arena the first day its available, but it pains me that young musicians and music lovers aren't hearing some of the most brilliant, angry, and truly ferocious original music that's ever been recorded. And that's the key, it's not ugly, but is musical and tuneful for God's sake. And it's not 1/2 hour progressive stuff that ADHD sufferers can't sit through. It is shameful that Todd isn't getting the credit and respect he deserves but he needs to remind people of what he's done.

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7/21/2008 - Warehouse Live - Houston, TX

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