Fit As A Fiddle at 60!

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Wow! The Rock n' Roll Guitar Gods are alive and well.

Alive and well at the House of Blues in downtown Dallas Sunday night. We all came to worship at, appropriately enough, at a place that holds a Sunday morning gospel brunch.

Taking the stage with foamy in hand a little after 8:00. Todd was in great shape, and looks like he has been working out like a demon.

I saw him last December at the same HOB, and couldn't believe how agile he looked now. So much so that when he fell off the stage early, he bounced right back on stage without a scratch, dent, or break. Todd then blurted, "Hey, don't be spreading rumors about me on the internet, that I did that shit on purpose! Thinking for a second, then saying, "go ahead if it will sell more tickets." Eluding to, "How luck we all were to be here.

We were all the cream of the crop in Dallas, and we need to rub it in to our friends tomorrow at work." Todd ask, "Where is everybody?"

My wife and I sat in the balcony for the "Arena" performance. It was about 90% full. We then moved to the floor during the encore, and I was blown away how empty it was.

What a major disappointment the turnout was so small. Come on Metroplex, we need to put more people in the house for the great Todd Rundgren. My little editorial commentary.

The tour was supporting Todd's next release. Which he just completed in late June. "Arena" will hit the streets on Sept. 29.

Too bad it hasn't been out for a while so to gain familiarity with "Arena" before the show. True Todd fans hung in for the long haul, while Todd put the past behind him during the sultry evening.

Challenging the audience with a double your money back guarantee if you hang in for the performance!

Opening up with Love In Action, Walls Came Down, at that point after falling off the stage,,,,,yes I said, FALLING OFF THE STAGE......

Todd quips, "This proves one thing, that I have balls of steel." And the fans all broke out in laughter!!!! He is amazing!!!!

Then before turning his attention to "Arena", he played old favorites, Black Maria, Open My Eyes, and I Saw The Light. With Lunatic Fringe put in between the last two songs for good measure. A favorite of Todd's lately.

Then he hit us like a fright train with, "Arena".

Mountain Top
Man Up
Couldn't I just Tell You
Closing with the usual, greatness, Just One Victory a little after 10:00.

Two solid hours of ass kicking "Arena" rock, with very little breaks between songs.

Another religious experience at the alter of Todd.

No double your money back guarantee needed here.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

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7/20/2008 - House of Blues - Dallas - Dallas, TX

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