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Both the acoustics and the sound mix at the House of Blues were so much better compared to Antone's. From where we stood, stage right directly in front of Jesse, we could hear Todd and the backup singers really well. For the first time I was able to make out Jesse's harmonic part. That was cool.

Arena is beginning to grow on me. Courage, Weakness, and Bardo are current favorites so far. Can't wait to hear the studio versions which should be available online in a couple of weeks, according to Todd himself.

Perhaps recognizing a bunch of us Toddstockers dancing like idiots in the front row, Todd decided to end one song by launching himself toward us at full speed, screaming Foamy and all. Before anyone could react he had already flown off the stage, his stupendous fall dampened only by Debbie (John's wife), Diem-Tu (my wife), and the iron fence railing which ended up between his legs. ("Ouch!!" is right.) Miraculously, no one was hurt. But a scary moment nonetheless.

After the show we saw Michele on the floor and had a delirious time reuniting with our lovely and gracious island host. More stories shared, more picture taking, more hugging and kissing. Worst of all, more memories of Kauai came rushing back to me. Afterwards we were led backstage for yet another close encounter with Todd (this time without any violence.) He agreed that the acoustics was way better tonight than last night, and explained that in Kilauea they didn't have time to get all the technical stuff together to get the sound the way he really wanted.

(That's OK, Todd, we understand. We were on an island in the middle of nowhere enjoying the best birthday party ever. Even if the band was a bit under-rehearsed or the sound wasn't quite perfect, it still was the coolest show on earth.)

So to the Texas (and neighbors) Toddstock gang: Pippi, Darnelle, Mindy, Mel, Abby, Sheila, RR Doug, John, Thom, Gary, Kenny, Wendy, Liz, Francis, Franko.... What a wild and wooly bunch. Can't wait to see you all again at the next "Todd in Texas" outing. And don't forget to bring your own hard hat.

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7/20/2008 - House of Blues - Dallas - Dallas, TX

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