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For those of you who missed it - - -I am officially rubbing it in. What a great night!!! Guitar Todd is back and he ROCKS.

I listened to the first Utopia album(M.Frog years) on the way to HOB because that was a concert featuring the searing high guitar notes that only Todd can seem to hit. You know, the one's that pierce your body and go right thru you like a Magnum bullet. Go ahead Todd, "Make my day". The new "kids" seemed to be "there" now. They are probably to the stage where they can loosen up and have fun this far into the tour. Matt was having a good time. Rachel is more subdued but man has she got chops. I told her I had tried to find her a small flesh colored patch to but on back of her head so when they took the closing bows, she would fit in more with Todd and Jesse (sorry guys. A little spot ain't too bad).

After the show, about 20 folks hung waiting for OH and Matt and Rachel were the first to come out. Then we got a real treat when Michele walked out , walking cast and all. But for a one legged woman, she was in high spirits. Just wish she hadn't been so hungry. It cut our time with Todd down but he was the usual gregarious Todd and signed everything plus posed for many a photo. When he came out a little after Michelle, I met him with a vocal "Michelle needs a Healer, Hee-e-e-e aler !!! He seemed to enjoy that one. But not near as much as I enjoyed hearing the young guitar virtuoso return to his fingers. Thanks Todd & band !!!

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