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Toddstock, Key Club, The Canyon Club, HOB San Diego, HOB Dallas....Yep, I've seen the Arena show several times. I'm lucky enough to be able to travel to see Todd and company quite a bit these past few years.

I took a few friends as I try to always do, spread the word and all. My friend Billy saw Todd for the first time last December and was excited because I'd invited him again and Andrew, his boss probably has only a vague idea of who Todd is. I was a bit nervous since they had just returned from Brazil and this show has nothing to do with a Samba beat.

They were to say the least blown away, no coaching on my part, I had dinner with them and as soon as the set started I went to find the girls near the front of the stage, so we could dance and make noise. Todd was so on, one jump scissor-kick spin landed him on the ground in front of the stage (I was told he straddled the retainer bar but have no confirmation on this) soon back on stage finishing the song I think his comment went something like~ If anyone tries to say I did that on purpose it's just not true~ I thought to myself.....OUCH!!! I can't believe he kept playing after a quick adjustment of the privates! After playing another song he said something about having "balls of steel"! A classic Rundgren moment. An unforgettable show every song sounded great. I came with a dear friend who saw this show for the first time and thought every song was done to perfection. My Texas buds think Todd is an amazing showman they were really impressed with Arena and the band too. I gave them a big grin and thanked them for coming.

Michele Rundgren was there looking her, beautiful smiling self. I was happy to see her off the crutches.

40 years I've been a fan of Todd's music, I see the crowds, we're all getting older, there's a recession but there's nothing that lifts the spirit more then good music. Todd said this album was done for the guys, but girls like it too... That said next one you might want to do something kinda like what I call "mush puff" stuff, Todd. You know that stuff chicks like...you can throw a few in with the good stuff...I'm just saying..........(you'll do what you want & we're happy for it)

Thanks for years of heart warming music and witty banter. Todd Rundgren is the musicians musician, so it's always a pleasure to see him work. My favorite song is PANIC!


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