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The Dallas show was awesome; the crowd was small, much to Todd's chagrin, but the band was great and Todd and the band played like it was their last gig. Same set as always. The sound was good. The venue was the House of Blues. I had a balcony seat but when I walked in, there was hardly anyone in front so I went and stood 4 people back from Todd. Forget the balcony seat when I can be THIS close.

Todd was great, voice a little shaky at the beginning, but this is the 2nd of 3 nights in a row, so........

The set rocked. All the band were great in their own way.......

As for the "Anthem" material:

Todd is one of a handful of artists who could play an entire new unreleased CD and have it received with unanimous approval.

Great show even though it was a small crowd (Todd called the "cream of Dallas.....tell your friends and rub it in their face what they missed") ...and those who weren't there missed a great show and great music.......

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7/20/2008 - House of Blues - Dallas - Dallas, TX

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