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Saturday night was magical for a number of reasons as Todd and the band took the historic stage at Antone's in downtown Austin.

To begin with, I attended with two old college buddies, one who had been with me and others when we saw Utopia in Austin 30 years ago. The other friend said he didn't really care all that much about Todd, but was going for the reunion with me and Dannie. That changed quickly as the show got under way.

Antone's was SRO for the most part, but no one really seemed to mind, even though it was pretty dang hot. Even the heat affected Todd and the rest a bit, but it did not affect their performances.

The song mix was awesome, and they were as tight as I think I've ever heard any version of his band. "Lunatic Fringe" was a real surprise, and a hard grinder.

The selections from Arena were awesome, although the acoustics were pretty sad in Antone's and much of Todd's vocals were lost. Still, it was clear enough to know that as soon as its released it will be added to my collection.

With the encore was a wonderful version of the Utopian National Anthem, "Just One Victory," and that signaled probably the only bit of disappointment for us on the night... the one song my previously unimpressed friend, Jimmie, had come to hear was "Hello, It's Me," and that was a selection Todd chose not to include.

Still, as we headed for the car to depart, what I saw in his face all night was confirmed. Jimmie was extremely glad to have attended, and said he was very impressed... with Todd's musicianship, his athleticism, and his voice, among many attributes.

I've always been a bit of a Todd devotee myself, but I'll admit I was impressed as well. I've seen many performers whom time has ravaged over the years, but after Saturday night's performance in Austin on the same stage that has seen the likes of Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Fabulous T-Birds, and countless other acts, Todd Rundgren and Crew were indeed magical.

As we left, we struck up conversations with total strangers on the street, and every one shared the same sentiment... "It was without a doubt the best $20 bucks I have ever spent."

David Anderson Clifton, Texas

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7/19/2008 - Antone's Nightclub - Austin, TX

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