Boulder, Colorado 7/14/08

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After working a half-day, I grabbed some dinner and made my way to the Boulder Theater for what I knew would be a great night's performance. Fresh off Beaver Creek's show, I knew what to expect, but reminded myself that this performance was being recorded by HDNet for an upcoming DVD release. There was no one else waiting there at 5pm (doors open at 7pm), so I wandered around for a short time, and saw another fan with the same blue, big-headed Todd shirt from the 2000 tour that I was wearing.

Soon after I began my vigil at the front door, Jeff and Brenda from Arizona arrived. I had met Jeff after a Todd show in Tempe several years earlier, but I was surprised I recognized him, and when he told me where he lives, we remembered that night waiting after the Marquee show. Jeff and I chatted while Brenda took the opportunity to walk around a bit. I also spotted Tom, who I'd seen the night before, and I gave him a poster from the venue. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it clean and unfolded. Joann showed up with Jennifer again, and after an offer we couldn't refuse by the manager, we found ourselves inside the lounge adjacent to the theater. She promised that we'd be let in first if we got a few drinks at the lounge, and she lived up to her promise.

Will Hoge started his performance on time, and played a longer set than I expected. Knowing that the crew would need time to set up for Todd and the gang, I listened as Will played an alternating mix of soft ballads and hard rockers, and the crowd was very accommodating. Many fans knew him and his songs and were encouraging.

Delays aren't unusual when the performance is going to be made extra special like tonight's. I watched as the cameramen set up, and turning around I saw the cameras in the balcony as well as one on a swingarm, over the audience. After standing a long time, and allowing one lady who complained of sciatica to sit on the stage where I was standing, we wondered if they'd ever be ready. Eventually, an announcement was made that technical difficulties were causing the delay, and that they hoped to have the band on stage soon.

At last, Todd and the band came out and played the set they've been playing - beginning with a few familiar songs, a few covers, the complete Arena album, and the encores - 'Couldn't I Just Tell You' and 'Just One Victory'. During 'Mountaintop', I pointed up like everyone else seemed to be doing, and during 'Strike' we pumped our fists as Todd instructed us to do. Arena is Todd's call to action, and the timing couldn't be better. We need to get out of our comfort zones.

Other songs were played well, and I expected Todd go fall during 'Man Up', as he'd done the night before, he actually took a fall earlier in the show. On camera, I don't think it would have made sense for him to fall a second time.

After the show, I swung around the stage to meet up with one fan I'd noticed was really into it, near the stage, to my right. I introduced myself, and found her (Marcy) to be very pleased with the show, and she introduced me to her friend/ex, Joe. I don't always get to know Todd fans in my area, so meeting a few more is a good thing. I also caught up with Tom, who gave me a photo of Todd from the Beaver Creek show the night before; Mark, who I met at Beaver Creek (he met Joann at Toddstock, and is moving to Colorado from Florida); and several other great fans. I couldn't wait behind the venue this time, as I had to catch the last bus out of Boulder at midnight. But it was a great time to be a Todd fan, and I look forward to the album's release, along with the DVD. Thanks, Boulder!

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7/14/2008 - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO

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