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I've been a fan of Todd for as long as I can remember but have never had the chance to see him. So this was my first experience. I was bringing my girlie who is much younger than myself. With so much music to choose from it was hard to tell her what to expect, and frankly I had no idea what to expect. But it was Todd!!!! And despite the poor turnout, Todd and the rest of the band kicked it all out! It was way more rockin' than I thought it might be. We were able to hang right up front against the barrier and had the best time. The new music rocks and I will be getting this album for sure. Arena! I hope I can get it on vinyl. Todd talked to the crowd and got the 200 or so people going, as if he needed to. The people that were there wanted to be there. He told us to rub it in the faces of our friends. I will be. I had two co-workers who love Todd, but said they didn't want to stand!!!!! Ha Ha...they even had some chairs set up. I will be wearing my shirt to work, although not really work attire, on Monday! Just like in high school. It is Sunday evening and I am still smiling from the show! I may be a little biased because Todd is my idol, but he and the band sounded incredible! With the poor turnout it would have been easy for a slack band to call it in, but they did not. They ROCKED!!!!! Todd is God and I would have gone to see him the next night if I could have. So HA HA to all the lame people who love Todd but didn't go to the show. I think a little more promotion next time....but then again, I like front row for 28 bones in this day of over priced has-beens milking what they used to have. Todd gives you what you want and need! The picture of me and my girl is of us in our concert shirts, with the water bottle Todd threw into the drum riser! With Todd's picture framed in the back that will ALWAYS stay in my living room!

From one Todd to another.....thanks for rockin'!

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7/11/2008 - Marquee Theater - Tempe, AZ

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