Marquee Tempe. AZ

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If you enjoy Todd rockin and have wanted new songs, then this tour is what you've been waiting for. Jessie and Todd look they are having a great time rockin out together. It's not flashy like Liars or TNC but just TODD and a band ROCKIN !! The first time you see the show it's a bit of an overload on the mind to hear 13 new songs live. But if you have the chance to see it more then once then the second time you will really enjoy some of the new songs.

Todd is full of energy and it's wonderful to enjoy live music. The crowd in Tempe/Phoenix was small but it sounded like everyone enjoyed the show. I can't wait to get the CD or Download so I can enjoy these new songs and hear them perfect.

Rock on Todd, so glad you still tour for us.

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7/11/2008 - Marquee Theater - Tempe, AZ

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