Easily my least favorite show by Todd

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I've seen Todd at the Strand in Los Angeles, at the 5th Avenue theater in Seattle, at the King Theater in Seattle, at the Firehouse Tavern in Seattle, at the Tulalip Casino show, fronting for the Cars...and he's a genius without question....

But this show was WAY too LOUD and POORLY MIXED for this acoustically excellent room, the Triple Door. I've seen MANY shows there and this just sounded terrible. Todd screamed through 95% of the songs. When I plugged my ears I could hear that the harmonies were off, and the voices were raw. This was a 'rock show' of course and yes..he IS angry...He seems like he's trying too hard to be 18 and he just can't pull it off. Think about it...his new material is from his new collection of songs called ARENA. This was presented in a 300 seat nightclub environment. I was sittting up near the back and it was still just way too much. Add to that the visually boring stage presentation, the inability to hear any lyrics, or individual instruments, and flat lighting and it adds up to a completely wasted evening. I want my money back Todd. That was complete bullshit.

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7/09/2008 - Triple Door - Seattle, WA

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