Seattle Wa. - July 9, 2008

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Well I don't understand how anyone could come away from the 2 hour show at the Triple Door disappointed.

We were right up front at the foot of the stage. The sound was great where we were with one exception: Rachel's bass volume was a bit too loud for the mix. But that might simply have been because her amp was pointed straight at us and she was only about 15 feet away.

Todd was in great form and in a good mood Wednesday night. Lots of interaction with the audience and a truly great set. By now everyone knows the playlist, if not the new music. Tons of energy right off the bat when Todd launched into "Love In Action "with lots of gusto. During one of the early songs he even stepped back into his amp and took a bit of a tumble, but, just like when it happened recently at another show, he kept on playing with a big smile. Shortly thereafter his sunglasses flew off his face during one of those scissor kicks.

I like the first five numbers - it gives a good retrospective of his music. I even enjoy the two covers, including "Lunatic Fringe" which a number of people have said he should drop form the set. He's played it the last three times I've seen him (August 2006 in Vancouver, September 2007 in Ferndale Wa., and at the Triple Door). Todd obviously respects Tom Cochrane and loves the song. Keep it in the set Todd!

For those who haven't had the opportunity to see this tour, the new songs are, without exception, classic Todd. There are actually two or three "chick songs", even though Todd referred to "Courage" as "the new chick song" during his intro to that number. Not being familiar with the new music yet, I can't remember which the others were, but one in particular was beautifully melodic with the classic ballad sound that so many of us love. I think it was either "Afraid" or "Weakness", but whatever it was it was perfect and it is destined to be another classic.

The rocking numbers were all wonderful: Todd honoring the Arena rock stars, including an obvious AC/DC-esque number (I've forgotten what it was called) and a Robin Trower influenced gem. It's a bit frustrating when you don't know the tunes and then coming away trying to remember one from another other. There were several that I can remember the names of and that really impressed me. "Pissin'", with it's funky beat is an instant classic with the typical Todd lyrics ("This used to be a nice place, But now your dick's in the mayonnaise."), "Mercenary", "Gun", "Mountaintop", "Strike" (where Todd gave us instructions, even though he thought that the fist pump would seem alien to us Seattleites, who he referred to environmentalist, coffee-drinking weaklings).

We didn't get to hear "The Wheel" but he played the other two encores. Not too many of us were standing during the anthem however.

Todd didn't come out after the show but Prairie generously took back a few album covers and scraps of paper, which Todd signed for a few of us who stuck around.

See this show.

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7/09/2008 - Triple Door - Seattle, WA

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